Top 10 Things Kids Should Know and Understand

1Education matters.

2Gender is a spectrum, not a binary.

3Compassion will always get you farther than apathy.

4You are where you are because of privilege and oppression dynamics. It's important to help the less fortunate in a systemic way.

5Sex is an expression of love or something that can just feel good. Do what feels best for you, and be safe.

6Exercise isn't just for athletes.

7There are beautiful people of every size, faith, gender, sexual orientation, race, ability.

8"Nobody's Perfect" is not an excuse

9Age doesn't matter. Maturity matters

10Your beauty does not exist in relation to others. You are beautiful. So is she. That's okay.

11Sometimes you have to take care of it yourself.

12Consent matters. Never touch anyone without their consent.

13Drinking while pregnant can kill the baby.

14Everybody is equal but unique

15Eating healthy foods is a good habit to create early in life.

16You only live once.

17Appearance doesn't matter.

18Always learn more. There are issues you can never fully understand, but try anyway. Listen first to experts, then listen more, then talk.

19Life won't wait for you.

20Family is important, but you have no obligation to people who don't treat you well.

21You are not entitled to anything.

22There is a difference between real people and fictional characters.

23Sometimes you have to do things you don't want to.

24Global warming is not a myth

25There is such a thing as an age appropriate TV show.

26The earth matters. Protect her.

27Have respect for yourself

28Sexism is bad

29Anime and Video Games aren't real.

30Ambition makes you look pretty ugly.

31One day you will have responsibilities.

32Not all communication is done on a screen.

33Forget about the past.

34Don't spend your entire life hating and hurting God

35Drugs kill.