Top 10 Things to Put on Your Bucket List

1Go Sky Diving

2Get on TV or the Movies

3Go to Times Square for New Year's

4Go Bungee Jumping

5Ride Kingda Ka

6Run a Marathon

7Meet Someone Famous

8Visit All 50 U.S. States

9Go to Ireland

10Get a Tattoo

11Go to the Airport, Pick a Random Flight, and Go On It

12See The Northern Lights

13Go to Niagara Falls

14Explore Route 66

15Get a Souvenir from Your Favorite City

16Donate Blood

17Donate Money to Charities

18Get Huge Dogs

19Be Part of a Flash Mob

20See a Wild Lion

21Adopt a Child

22Take a Photo a Day for a Year

23Send a Message In a Bottle

24Help People In Need

25Learn an Instrument

26Go Skinny Dipping

27Go to Japan

28Visit The White House

29Swim with Dolphins

30Climb the Seven Summits

31Go Volcano Surfing

32Meet the Entire Royal Family

33See the Seven New Wonders of the World

34Invent Something New

35Go to Space