Top 10 Ways to Turn a Guy Off

1Nag constantly

2Constantly talk about an ex

3Have bad hygiene

4Be clingy

5Have a jerk personality

6Be dishonest

7Wear too much makeup

8Compare yourself to his mother

9Be a chatter box

10Get implants


12Be a flake

13Make fun of him when he'¬ôs wrong


15Send nudes

16Use bathroom humor

17Always want to text and never hang out in person

18Be immature

19Make a list called "Top Ten Ways to Turn a Guy Off"

20Talk politics

21Be a stalker

22Talk like an infant

23Listen to boy bands in his presence

24Be nosey

25Be melodramatic

26Hate on metal music

27Listen to metal music

28Listen to country music

29Pick your nose

Pick your nose