Top Ten Childhood Memories

1Trying to balance the light switch between on and off

2Watching two drops of rain roll down a window pretending it was a race

3Being afraid of the dark

4Butt scooters during elementary gym class

5Losing your first baby tooth

6Parachute in gym class

7Making club houses using blankets

8Coming home at night

9Waiting behind the door to scare someone

10Restarting a video game when about to lose

11Swallowing a fruit seed and being scared it would grow into a tree

12Closing the fridge extremely slowly to see when the lights went off

13Going into the toy aisle in the supermarket

14Scholastic Book Fairs

15Saturday morning cartoon block

16Smelling the scented markers

17Not being able to wait to grow up

18Drawing on the foggy windows

19Walking into a room, forgetting what you needed, walking out and then remembering

20Thinking the moon followed you

21Fearing the dentist

22Trying to stay up on New Year's Eve

23Watching TV at night

24Going to a toy store

25Riding the horse at the grocery store

26Eating all the candy you want without thinking about anything diabetes-related

27Drawing on the sidewalk

28Jelly shoes and silly bands

29Inserting coins in a piggy bank

30Playing Kid Pix at school

31Pizza Hut Book It

32Treasure Mathstorm

33Climbing the rope in gym class

34Your first kiss

35Trading silly bands