Top Ten Reasons to Have a Pit Bull As a Pet

1Pit Bulls are Exceptionally Friendly

2Pit Bulls are Highly Intelligent Dogs

3Pit Bulls Love Their Owner More Then They Love Themselves

4Pit Bulls are Eager to Please

5Pit Bulls are Family Oriented

6Pit Bulls Will Do Anything to Protect Their Guardians

7Pit Bulls are Very Good with Children

8Pit Bulls are Friendly to Other Dogs

9Pit Bulls are Clean

10Pit Bulls Maintain a Puppy Like Enthusiasm

11Pit Bulls Have Highly Expressive Faces

12Pit Bulls are Healthy

13Pit Bulls are Loyal

14Pit Bulls Can Be Intimidating

15Pit Bulls are Nice

16Pit Bulls are Easy to Adopt

17Pit Bulls are Beautiful

18Pit Bulls are Cute

19Pit Bulls' Head Tilts are Cute

20Pit Bulls Save People and Other Animals

21Pit Bulls are Always by Your Side

22Pit Bulls are Bursting with Personality

23Pit Bulls are Sweet

24Pit Bulls are Lovebugs

25Pit Bulls are Extremely Kind to Others

26Pit Bulls are Extremely Forgiving

27Pit Bulls are Very Good Service Dogs