Top Ten Things Fake Best Friends Do

1They leak your secrets

2They talk behind your back with your enemies

3They don't listen

4They leave you alone when you are in need

5They feel jealous of your achievements

6They never agree with you

7They seem to be with you for their own benefits

8They go out with your ex

9They are quick at turning you down

10They are friends with you alone, but not friends with you when someone else is nearby

11They humiliate you in front of people

12They expect you to drop everything you're doing so you can cater their needs

13They drive a wedge between you and your real friends

14They make you feel guilty for not being with them

15They replace you with someone else without saying anything

16They steal your friends

17They make promises they never keep

18They flirt with your crush/partner

19They fake laugh at your jokes

20They only speak to you if you have food

21They spread lies about you

22They make you eat stuff you don't want to

23They threaten to kill you

24They look happier with others

25They snitch on you

26They act like your friend

27They lack empathy

28They only care about attention

29They try starting drama with you

30They don't have anything positive to say about you

31They pretend to be interested in being friends

32They lower your self-esteem

33They reject you over small things

34They constantly act affectionately towards you

35They walk away when they see you