Top Ten Things You Should Have Done In Your Childhood

1Stepped between the lines on a tile floor

2Thought the D in Disney was a G

3Repeated a word until it didn't sound like a word

4Starred at the blade of a ceiling fan

5Accidentally said a bad word

6Thought you invented a word

7Counted as high as you could

8Cut your own hair with scissors

Cut your own hair with scissors

9Built a fort

10Played a game of Mario Kart

11Climbed up the slide at the playground

12Totally thought you were saying a word right when you weren't

13Looked at yourself in the mirror while you were naked

14Went #2 while in the bath

15Tried to shave yourself

16Drew a masterpiece on the living room wall

Drew a masterpiece on the living room wall

17Bit the tip off the an ice cream cone and sucked out the ice cream

18Tried to ride a dog like a horse

19Watched cartoons on Saturday mornings

20Got your baby teeth pulled out in crazy ways

21Play Minecraft at 3 in the morning on a rainy night in bed

22Thought 'œeleventy' and 'œeleventeen' were real numbers

23Had a water balloon fight

Had a water balloon fight

24Unrolled the toilet paper, put the end in the toilet, then tried to flush it

25Jumped on the bed

26Went to Chuck E Cheese

Went to Chuck E Cheese

27Picked out all the marshmallows from cereals like Lucky Charms and ate them separately

28Make LPS music videos (or other toys)

29Went to Hamleys/Toys R Us

Went to Hamleys/Toys R Us

30Went to an Arcade

31Spun yourself on the swing set at the playground

32Drew pictures and then taped them on your bedroom wall

33Tried to ride a cat like a horse

34Thought 'œSubway' said 'œSubwar'

35Taste the Cake Mix