Top Ten Worst Things That Can Happen to You As a Teenager

1Having suicidal thoughts

Having suicidal thoughts

2Getting bullied

Getting bullied

3Becoming pregnant

Becoming pregnant

4Being humiliated at school

Being humiliated at school

5Losing all your friends

Losing all your friends

6Being involved with drugs

Being involved with drugs

7Getting acne

Getting acne

8Dating goes wrong

9Getting bad grades

Getting bad grades

10Having depression

Having depression

11Date breaks up with you

12Getting beaten up

Getting beaten up

13Getting suspended from school

14Going through puberty

15Your parents punishing you for nothing

Your parents punishing you for nothing

16Having an eating disorder

17Getting friendzoned

18Being very tall, yet very weak

19Being accused of being moody

20Having random erections

21Your crush hating you

22Parents divorcing

Parents divorcing

23Being shy in school

24Getting cheated on

25Being taken away from your parent

26Being stalked

Being stalked

27Enduring peer pressure

28Being a late bloomer

29Getting fired from your part time job

Getting fired from your part time job