Worst Things About Girly Girls

1They love boybands and boy pop stars

2Sloppy-looking make up-filled faces

3Some have ugly grammar

4They don't know real music

5Some of them are popular

6They are drama queens

7They say "duh" all the time

8Some can't stand a day without make up

9They are fakers

10They hate tomboys

11Most have mean personalities

12They wear bra when they are 11

13They get scared easily

14They have crushes on boys

15They're simple-minded

16They love romantic movies

17They always try to turn you into one of them

18They hate dogs and love cats

19They hate getting dirty

20They hate violent movies

21They hate video games

22They only hang out with girly girls

23They always wear pink

24They are mean to tomboys

25They are too emotional

26They act like they are the best ever made

27No boys allowed

28They are hard to be friends with

29They waste their time buying clothes

30They are obsessed with shopping

31They are weak

32They are bullies

They are bullies

33They are attention seekers

34They act babyish

35They like overrated female anime characters