Top 10 Biggest Misconceptions About Adulthood

1You can do anything you want

2Collecting a paycheck means you don't have money problems

3Drinking is cool

4Once you're done with school, you won't have to read, study, write reports, etc.

5You can eat whatever you want whenever you want without consequences

6You'll always have cool people to hang out with

7When you're grown up, life is more fun

8Cars/transportation doesn't cost anything

9You can still do the things you did as a kid and not look stupid

10Your parent(s) will always be there

11Sex is the best thing about marriage

12Your house will have a waterslide, go kart track, and all kinds of toys and video games

13Marriage guarantees love lasts forever

14Everything will always be ok

15You won't get seriously sick

16You can scold your children whenever you want

17You will be an astronaut

18You can stay up as late as you want

19You'll be happier

20Your kid(s) will be perfect

21Your grandchildren will care for you

22You'll be incredibly wealthy

23You can buy anything with a credit card and you won't have to worry about it later

24You won't turn into your parents

25You can lie and get away with it

26You have to have kids

27You have to be in a romantic relationship